01. Afro Cult Foundation – The Quest - Soundway
02. Wareika – 2nd Floor – Circus Company
03. REKchampa & Personal Trainer – Ride – Peoples Potential Unlimited
04. Richenel – I Won’t Bite – Music From Memory
05. Sweet Maya – Gotta Find Out – Luv N' Haight
06. Ryo Kawasaki – El Toro – NuNorthernSoul
07. Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle – Exodus Records
08. Arthur Russell – Let's Go Swimming (Puppy Surf Dub) – Audika
09. Ice Band featuring Unique Pleasure – Live People (Special Disco Edit) – Superior Elevation Records
10. Michael Boothman – What You Won't Do For Love – Invisible City Editions
11. Hot City – Feelin' Love – Butterfly Records
12. ??? – You Can't Hide (Special Edit) – Anonymous Edits
13. Theo Parrish – Mustang 1 – Not On Label
14. Willie Bobo – Always There – Nature Sounds
15. Beckie Bell – Music Madness (Tom Noble Remix) – Favorite Recordings
16. Black – Keep It Fit – Outerzona13
17. Eddie & The Movement – Macho Man – Favorite Recordings


Adão, nome próprio, dentro ou fora da cabine. Sendo desconhecido há pouco a dizer sobre ele, por isso vamos às coisas básicas: proprietário de uma ainda pequena coleção de 750-800 discos de vinil, o primeiro que comprou foi lá atrás em 2010, Rocky Marsiano (Back to the Pyramid), e o último, na semana passada, Pellegrino (Periplo), a solo passa discos cerca de uma a duas vezes por mês, em conjunto com o TAM, dono da label Wasser Bassin, possui uma colaboração não periódica com o nome TAMADÃO, bastante óbvio o nome, certo? Certo! O djing preenche o tempo livre do Adão depois de satisfizer as tarefas domésticas, as pessoas que ama e a sua profissão enquanto analista de investimentos. Em relação aos discos que põe a tocar… Bem, depende daquilo que apanha e mete dentro mala.

Adão, inside or outside the DJ booth. For being unknown there isn’t too much to be said about him, so let’s go through the basic things: proud owner of a yet small 750-800 vinyl records collection, the first record was bought in 2010, Rocky Marsiano (Back to the Pyramid), and the latter, Pellegrino (Periplo), was on the last week. Alone he plays records one to two times a month, in collaboration with TAM, owner of label Wasser Bassin, he keeps a dj-duo on nonperiodic basis, under the alias TAMADÃO, obvious name, right? Right! Djing fills what is left from Adão's spare time, out of all housework, all the people he loves and his professional role as an investment analyst! About the music he plays… Well, it depends on what he grabs and put into the bag!

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