Alfonsvs 165
Having Laurent Garnier send you his words of encouragement and positive feedback towards your music is usually a good sign. With just a year of releases under their belt Alfonsvs have set themselves on a very distinctive path through their sound. They are a two-person project but are a singular identity. They perform separately, one in a Dj set format and the other playing live.


Alfonsvs is latin for Afonso, and this name is a reference to D. Afonso Henriques, who was the one to first establish the borders of a country that was once spanish territory: Portugal. It is also a project that was started by two individuals that share one ideology in what they want to bring to life: music that has a strong 90’s feel, that can be heavy or emotional or even both at the same time. Usually going around Techno, Alfonsvs wants their music to have a strong character, a rave feeling and still reveal sometimes fragility. No gender boundaries though, just an ideology. Music that can have a feeling of yesterday, today or even tomorrow.

It is of great importance to mention that Alfonsvs is singular. One line of thought, although it puts two people together in terms of production and thought. Mentioning Alfonsvs as plural doesn’t really feel natural, as it is thought and created as one single musical entity: a creature Rafael and João created to serve as their output.

Jumping to how they show themselves live, one of them is in charge of the Dj set, and the other of the Live performance. As to what to expect from the Dj Set, an open mind is recommended. With Alfonsvs, the aim of a Dj Set is to recreate the sweaty, mad atmosphere of a rave party and then the feeling of nostalgia. Just know that a smile is what you’ll have on your face by the end. In terms of the Live performance, expect music you have heard and haven’t heard before, and even music you won’t hear again, not because it’s not good but because it just felt right to be shown there, at that time, and maybe it’s not what Alfonsvs wants you to hear later on from them.

With releases on Wout Records, Extended Records and on their own Fluxus, and with some very important mentions on radio shows like the Red Bull Music Academy’s Ginga Beat Radio Show or even on the respected Antena 3, on their own country, and also artists commenting on their work, such as Laurent Garnier, DJ Deep, Hardfloor, Don Williams, Vril, Hiver, Nikita Zabelin, Jamie Jones and Ilario Alicante, among others, Alfonsvs are ones to keep a close watch on.

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