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EN - Juhwan You aka the sharp-scissored DJ Bowlcut is a versatile South Korean DJ / Producer whose love for music saw him develop from an award-winning turntablist to one of Seoul’s most prominent champions of energetic house, euphoric breakbeats, dubby leftfield techno and forward-thinking bass music.
One of very few DJs who spin left-of-centre house and techno in Seoul, his passion for these nascent genres in his own country has earned him a reputation of a tastemaker, weaving in deep and obscure international tracks along with material made by himself with works represented on Music Magazines/stations like DJ Mag International, RInseFM, NTS, Red Light Radio and Youtube Music channels such as 00UKFUNKY00, H A T E, Moskalus, Les Yeux Orange.
DJ Bowlcut is also a notable producer with diverse catalog of works across various respected labels. His tracks have been selected and played out by tasteshapers such as Erol Alkan, Josey Rebelle, Violet, DJ Moxie, Baltra, Manuel Fischer and more.
As well as focusing on his own projects, DJ Bowlcut also devotes time to helping to broaden and educate Korean music tastes through his work of chief music director at Seoul Community Radio and as a Director of SJA Music Institute.
His efforts in Korea have also led to invitations from various international entities such as festivals Shi Fu Miz in Hong Kong and Wonderfruit in Thailand as well as notable collaborations with DJs such as DJ Haus, Miley Serious, Baltra, S.O.N.S and the Rising Japanese collective N.O.S. and CYK.

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