A community. A need to break circles. A desire for the liberation of music, arts and nightlife. A need for growth, communication and collaboration.



1. INTERA is a collective of electronic music makers, DJs, performers and enthusiasts. Our goal is to promote diversity without borders and labels.

2. INTERA aims to create a safer space for collaborative work between different generations and art forms. It is our belief that collaboration is key to progress & inclusion.

3. INTERA has only one rule: Respect. For each one another. 
INTERA will break the asshole cycle. Music quality and talent should not be judged based on labels, gender, race, religion or such.

4. INTERA's events and efforts go towards the liberation of music, arts and nightlife.
We want people to feel comfortable and accepted as they are. You are welcome and encouraged to be your best weird self.

5. INTERA will protect and cherish diversity & freedom.
INTERA doesn't care about your ego. 
INTERA is not about you.
INTERA is not about us.

6. INTERA is about a community and everyone that looks for motivation to have their voices heard.
INTERA is about and for the music.