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EN - PERCEBES is an editorial project conceived by veteran Portuguese producer and DJ, Ka§par (responsible here for concept, content, sound mixing, engineering and mastering), aided by friends and collaborators; Pedro Caldeirão (A&R and agent), Sara Sirvoicar (head designer and creator of the awesome logo) and Mariana Cruz (AKA Sheri Vari).
Why the funny name?
PERCEBES is the Portuguese word for goose barnacles – an odd-looking crustacean, found clinging to the underside of sea vessels and rocks. It is also a delicacy (served in the finest seafood joints at no cheap price – perhaps you start to get where we’re coming from).
Finally, it’s also the verb ‘to understand’. When you say “Percebes?” in Portuguese, it is to ask “do you get it?”, “do you understand?”.
We don’t need or expect the whole world to follow us, we just want those who get it to join in. So, if you get it - if you understand - you’re already part of this.

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