Lux Frágil




Born in the early eighties in Lisbon, Marco Antão is the man behind the name SwitchDance which he adapted from a skateboard manoeuvre. He is one of the resident DJ's at Lux Frágil, one of Europe's most iconic night clubs, bringing with him a unique perspective and a diverse musical palette with the ultimate goal of challenging audiences rather than pleasing them.

Upon first hearing, it sounds strange, confusing, somehow off, too slow, too dense, too obscure, too naked, too real. It is also equally challenging to classify or define - electronic, hypnotic, gothic, psychedelic, melodic, organic, minimalistic, futuristic, introspective. But beyond any and all clichés it really is music to feed your head, brain music if you will, because if you allow yourself to be drawn in, the melodies and beats take hold of you leaving you with a sensation of floating just above the dance floor. Here the music comes first, all hypnotic and retro-sounding arpeggios, sometimes out of tune or time, the profound introspective soundscapes are paralleled only by the depths of the journey upon which you, as a listener, embark.

His residency at Lux Frágil has allowed him to share the booth with all of his favourite musicians and main influences. He has played all over Europe from Berlin to Barcelona, Warsaw, Amsterdam or London, to name a few, and was invited by the Red Bull Music Academy to play at two editions of Boiler Room. In 2014 he released his debut EP “The Graveyard Shift” on the berlin-based Beachcoma, with follow up “Daydreaming” landing on the same imprint in 2015, along with no “No Man’s Land” on the legendary Areal Records. In 2016 he released two EP's in collaboration with Fairmont, "Precinct" and "Mood Ring", with more to follow soon.

Switchdance Releases